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2023-2024 Issue

Chris Clark

Teacher at Madison Academic

"The creative elements you'll find in The Magnet are nothing short of stunning. They speak with such sophistication, meet the eye and ear with mature and diverse discoveries."

Our Theme


Hannah-Grace Morris
Student at Madison Academic

Growth is who you are and who you will be, it is a subconscious reminder of who you are, and what your impact will be on this world, and it never ends. It is how every interaction you will have shapes lives around you. What is Growth? It is everything you are.

Growth in a physical display


"Spirare" is the latin word for "breathe". However, its metaphorical meanings far exceeds that of a simple, automated bodily function. To the ancient Romans, to breathe was to live. The human consciousness — the spirit — derived from the word "spirare". To strive for something — to aspire — was to "breathe towards" that goal. To be enlightened with a thought — to be inspired — was to have an idea "breathed into you". Likewise, we hope this tree reminds you that you are breathing. You have the ability to inspire, to aspire, to wield that spirit within you and grow.

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Ode To All I've Ever Known

By Gracie Chattin

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An ode to all I’ve ever known
The leaves are falling once again
They crunch beneath my feet
My bag behind me neatly filled
A new season ahead of me

Pulling Teeth

By Kathrine Marks

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As they walk through hallways of some school somewhere, they look at each and every new person that passed. All the fresh faces. 
Its the common question: Where’d all the time go? 
It’s the not so common question: When do I stop playing a grown up and actually become one?
It’s the more rare question: Who gets my code when I’m not in the school system anymore?
It’s like being a kid again. It’s like pulling teeth.

Notes of my Life

By Micah Upton

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I have a diary! I always thought it would be so cool to have a place to write anything and no one else could see it, and this morning when I woke up for school my mom gave me one for an early birthday present. I didn’t want to write in it until after school, though.

This Isn't Me

Katherine Marks

Mentally Flowering

Bryant Price


Rachel Mingledorf