Ode To All I've Ever Known

Gracie Chattin

An ode to all I’ve ever known
The leaves are falling once again
They crunch beneath my feet
My bag behind me neatly filled
A new season ahead of me

That September chill fills the air
Embracing me like an old friend
As I walk among unknow peers
With the first day jitters again

I’m scared of seven months from now
When I will be on my own.
Not scared like a knot in my stomach
I’m just scared of the unknown.

I’m scared because my toothbrush will have a new place,
And I’m afraid of people I don’t even know
Most of all I’m sad because I’ll leave
the only home I've ever known.

Well not the only home,
we’ve lived in different houses
But I’ve always been included in that “we”
It’s never been just me.

My routine will be different,
my friends will be new
Change is hard.
Change, I'm not ready for you!

But remember all the times
when change helped you grow?
How it used to be so scary
But now it's all you know

The crunch of leaves and autumn breeze
A change that is yet to come
A reminder that I am exactly who I am
because of all I’ve ever known.

Gracie Chattin