I’m a Teen

Lilly Chattin

I’m not a child
Don’t act like I am
You can talk to me like I’m smart
You don’t have to hold my hand

You can treat me like I’m someone
Like I’m more than just a kid
You can value me for my strengths
Don’t act like I can’t give

I’m stuck in this moment
Growing but still young
I try to climb the ladder
Only to fall down a rung

I’m not an adult
Don’t act like I am
Please help me when I’m stuck
Yes, I wobble when I stand

You can show me how to grow
I want to find out who I’ll be
Please don’t forget I need you
Despite my bitter speech

I sound so angry
But really, I’m just scared
The future’s so unsure
And I feel so unprepared

I’m not young; I’m not old
I’m somewhere in between
Please consider when you’re with me
I’m something different; I’m a teen

Lilly Chattin