Amidst the Stillness of the Earth

Aiden Uselton

Amidst the stillness of the earth, a seed lies in wait,
Gently cradled by the soil, its destiny sealed by fate.
Beneath the sun’s warm embrace, it stirs from the dark,
Eager to break free and leave behind its fragile spark

Rising with a silent strength, it pushes through the ground,
A tender shoot reaching for the light, no longer bound
with each passing day, its leaves unfurl and stretch,
Grow and change, in an eternal and wondrous sketch.

From a humble beginning, it reaches for the sky,
A symbol of strength, and of time that has gone by.
It stands tall and proud, against the wind and rain, and the sun beating down,
Its leaves are its crown.

As seasons dance and daylight wanes,
The seed becomes a tree, adorned with earthly chains.
Branches spread and roots shelved deep,
A canopy of life, a promise to keep.

The tree whispers tales of perseverance and grace,
A testament to the beauty of a changing pace.
Teaching us to embrace the shifting tides,
To find strength in growth, where courage resides.

I am the tree,
Rooted in something like earth, yet wild and free.
to face obstacles with steadfast resolve,
For in growth’s embrace, I begin to evolve.

So may I learn from the seed and the tree,
At times it may get dark, and I will want to flee.
I remember not the dark,
and to hold on to my spark.

Aiden Uselton